DeWine made right call

Though he waited until the last moment to do it, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine made an important decision Monday.

He recommended the delay of the state’s primary elections, which had been scheduled for today. But, because he was not able to make such an order himself, he said a lawsuit was to be filed in Columbus Monday to try to force the suspension of today’s primary.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he would support the recommendation to cancel in-person voting today, and allow absentee balloting to continue, and move in-person voting to June 2. And Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said he would not stand in the way of the lawsuit. Still a lot had to fall in place — VERY quickly. Kudos to local officials who scrambled to get it done.

DeWine was correct that it did not make sense to be telling Ohioans, especially those 65 and older, to stay home, when that same demographic is also the one that often feels most obligated to exercise its right to vote.

“We should not force them to make this choice, the choice between their health and their constitutional rights and their duties as American citizens,” DeWine said.

Now we wait a couple of months. We try again in June. We take care of ourselves and each other in the meantime and participate in the election with the same enthusiasm we would have had this morning.

DeWine’s decision is just one of many signs that Mid-Ohio Valley residents will be operating under a new normal for several weeks. But far from being a contributor to panic, the moving of Ohio’s primary is a sign that some things are just too important not to make sure everyone who wants to be able to participate, can do so.


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