Little things make a big difference

Of all the things most on the minds of local residents right now–food supplies, masks and ventilators, social distancing–mud probably isn’t very high on the list.

But it created an obstacle on the River Trail after mild flooding earlier in the week, leaving the trail impassable in several spots.

It was taken care of quickly and we’re thankful for that. It may not seem important but for some people getting out and taking a walk or a run is the only time right now they’re out of the house or getting fresh air. It’s important to have those opportunities and to take them, for our mental health in these difficult times.

It may not seem essential but it is certainly important to keep our fitness trails usable.

In recent years, the city has gotten much better about responding to these post-flood messes. When previously it could take a week or more before a cleanup was attempted, now it is done promptly, due in part to better equipment for the job.

Right now, a little thing like a walk on a pleasant day can make a big difference. Thanks to the city for allowing that to continue.


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