Renew the operating levy for Marietta City Schools

For nearly a decade, Marietta residents have supported their school district by first approving an operating levy in 2011 and then renewing it in 2015. Because of that support, the district has received approximately $2.5 million per year purely to cover operating costs. It makes up approximately 11% of the general fund.

Loss of the funding provided by the levy would be catastrophic, according to District Treasurer Frank Antill.

“We would lose all those things that make Marietta schools special,” he said.

That is why voters must take care, as they fill out their March 17 ballots, to continue that support by voting to renew the emergency operating levy. Voters with a vested interest in Marietta City Schools must understand this measure has nothing to do with one they voted down last fall. This one is a matter of simply maintaining the quality of education already available to our students.

It is a renewal. Property taxes will not increase, if it is again approved.

But if it is not, the effects would be felt first by sports and other extra-curricular activities — busing would be cut back for out-of-town activities and more.

“We would be looking at the state minimum for buses,” Antill said.

Superintendent Will Hampton was even more blunt. Should this renewal fail, “We don’t have a $2.5 million fix,” he said.

Think for a moment about what that would do to our kids’ experience in Marietta City Schools.

Marietta residents love our schools. We love our kids, and have understood for years what it takes for the community to support them.

On the March 17 ballot, it will take a vote to renew the emergency operating levy.


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