Take food to go but remember to leave a tip

Restaurants in both West Virginia and Ohio have been closed, with the exception that they still are permitted to fill take-out orders. So, if you want a change from home-cooked meals, you may be in luck. If you have the means, this could be a break from raiding all that stock-up food in your kitchen.

But waiters and waitresses rely on tips for most of their income. Without sit-down customers to serve, many of these men and women will be in financial trouble quickly.

Sally Oliver, chef and owner at the House of Wines in Devola, said the shutdown of her restaurant’s dining area has been “crippling” to the business. The same is probably true for most local establishments.

Unless their patrons do the right thing.

If you do order restaurant food for consumption at home, whether you pick it up or have it delivered, include a tip in your payment — and, perhaps, note that you want it to go to the idled servers. Again, though, keep in mind the restaurants themselves face financial difficulty.

COVID-19 is not the fault of those who, just a few days ago, were ready to refill our coffee cups or bring extra napkins to our tables.

Let’s do what we can to give them a bit of extra service.


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