Volunteer efforts are making a difference

Mid-Ohio Valley residents know we can count on one another to come through in a crisis … even if we have to stay six feet apart to do it.

Volunteers are tackling everything from keeping our children fed to sewing last-resort masks for healthcare workers.

Even businesses are getting in on the act. For example, when employees at Lowes in Marietta got another shipment of painting masks, they decided to donate it to the staff at Marietta Memorial Hospital.

“We just knew that all the hospitals have been short on the product and we’ve been out of stock for the last 30 days,” said manager Brandon Moore. “On behalf of the store, just to give back to the community. There are 20 packs, and two per pack so it was 40 masks … It was our whole supply that we got in.”

Meanwhile, local crafters are hard at work on last-resort masks (homemade masks that can be used in combination with a face shield). JoAnn Fabrics is supplying the materials and patterns.

Those are just a couple of the efforts demonstrating the desire by each of us to be able to do what we can. And if we all try to do just what we can, we can make a huge difference in the way we face the challenges ahead of us.

Thank you, to those who are making a big difference in a lot of small ways.


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