Easter brings message of hope and renewal

So much of our daily lives has been thrown off balance in recent weeks that it may be easy to forget tomorrow is Easter.

Tomorrow is the holiest day on the calendar, for most Christians. It is the day on which many are accustomed to celebrating with joyous church services, special family meals and treats such as egg hunts and baskets full of trinkets and candy.

Ordinarily there are special clothes — maybe even new shoes and hats; important traditions. In fact, even for non-Christians, tomorrow might normally have served as a kind of marker — a reminder of new life, light and joy … and second chances.

It has been easy lately to slip into a little bit of shadow; to give in to fear, isolation, worry and even depression.

But while our celebrations will be different this year, what we celebrate is unchanging. We, too, can rise.

Churches will offer their Easter services online. We can sing and worship together … though we are far apart. Meals will be prepared, even if they are dramatically smaller; and goodies can be shipped to loved ones. Families can still dye eggs and hide them in their back yards. In fact, they can even pile into the car and drive around in search of the many Easter eggs and handmade crosses put up on doors or in windows by those who are also celebrating inside.

And the Easter message of a fresh start, a new beginning — for everyone — will ring truer this year than ever.

Happy Easter, everyone.


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