Take this time to get involved & be informed

Most public meetings in our area don’t get a lot of attendance. From county commission to city council to board of education meetings, unless there’s a rare hot-button issue to get people excited, the crowds there are anything but.

And we get it. Lives are busy, schedules are hectic, not everyone can make time to be at meetings, even if they are invested.

That’s why we all have a great opportunity right now to change that. Many local meetings are now being streamed online, and many of us are spending more time at home. There are no practices or games to run the kids to, no dinner plans with friends, no appointments, for the most part. So, let’s take advantage of this to become more aware of the regular proceedings of our local government. Learn what goes on at these meetings and what kind of say you can have. There are important issues being decided there.

And for those public entities now streaming, we would say: keep it up. Long after the shelter-in-place rules are lifted, our community should have this option. It doesn’t mean they can’t also show up in person if they’re able, but why not also continue to have the meetings online? It only makes them more accessible to everyone.

These aren’t the circumstances in which we wish these changes had happened. But perhaps this is a silver lining that will mean everyone can become a little better informed.


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