Thanks to all teachers who remain dedicated

If ever there was a group of people chasing a moving target, it is teachers who are scrambling to do their jobs during a pandemic.

Our local educators are no different — and are displaying a remarkable flexibility and dedication during this unprecedented time.

“We love our kids, we’re going to go the extra mile,” said Kim DePue, a teacher at Marietta High School. But, “it’s tough.”

Ohio teachers sent out three weeks worth of lessons when they thought students would be returning to classes April 6. Now that date has been pushed to at least May 1 — and many believe school will not start back up at all this year.

But students — many with the help of parents who are also stepping up and doing an incredible job right now — are still learning.

Teachers are doing their best to answer questions, check in with their students … even keep up routines like post-recess story times.

“I’ve got a phone mount in my car, and that just made it a lot easier,” said Phillips Elementary School first-grade teacher Cindy Burton, who goes out each day and reads to her students from her car, using a Facebook livestream.

Of course, not all kids in our region have the same access to technology, the internet or parents in a position to help them keep up their studies during this time. There will be those who fall behind.

And when schooling returns to normal, we know our local teachers will do their best to help them catch up. Some may already be formulating plans for how to do so.

The task will be less daunting, however, because of the amount of work being put in right now. For that, our entire community is grateful.


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