Bus signage an important small step

Better late than never appears to be the case as progress is finally being made in answering a Community Development Block Grant request for Community Action Bus Line stops that have clear signs telling potential riders when they can get on, along the route.

Kenny Vigneron, transportation manager for Washington-Morgan Community Action, was absolutely right last week when he said “One of the greatest needs I’ve seen evidenced for public transit is the need for folks to understand what it is and how it work; that it is for everyone.”

Clear communication in a way that can be understood by everyone is essential.

But, as Community Action Director David Brightbill noted, permanent signs could pose a problem, as they eliminate the flexibility of changing times or pick-up/drop-off locations along the routes.

So small steps have been taken toward a solution. That is smart.

Four locations along Franklin Street will have flag signs with slots in them for small vinyl lettering that give approximate times when passengers can flag down a bus. Here’s hoping this test provides enough information to help expand the effort for all CABL routes.

Kudos to Marietta Streets Department Foreman Todd Stockel, streets department employees, Fourth Ward Councilman Geoff Schenkel and now Franklin Signs (which will be completing the detail work) for taking these small steps. They are important if we are to do right by those who rely on public transportation to remain vital parts of our community.


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