Dine out, but use common sense

Have you gone out to eat, yet?

The opportunity to do so with outdoor seating has existed for a few days now (albeit, with a little rain thrown in); and those who are able to make arrangements to meet social distancing guidelines will be able to welcome folks indoors later this week.

If you have a little spending money and are looking for a way to splurge, here it is.

The clawback from the economic consequences of this pandemic will be long and difficult for most local eateries. And while the opportunity to reopen is welcomed, it does not take them instantly back to prosperity.

“I don’t see this side of the restaurant having a possibility of seating right now to maintain that distance for a line at the counter or to see the things in the (food) cases,” said Jeremy Barth, manager of Jeremiah’s Coffee House in Marietta. But, “we’re incredibly thankful to be able to do a lot with what we’re allowed to do so far …”

Continued limitations may mean restaurants choose to keep their pick-up and delivery services. It will mean they have to get creative with the space available to them. It will almost certainly mean they are still making less than they would be under normal circumstances.

At least we can make sure they are as busy as the guidelines allow. And we can do the staffs a favor by taking plenty of precautions ourselves. The safer we keep ourselves, the less likely it is we can put restaurant workers in danger.

Exercise a little common sense, and visit your favorite spot, or try a new one. You will be doing yourself, and them, a favor.


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