Do your part to help keep the MOV clean

Judging by the number of discarded gloves, masks and wipes scattered around the parking lots and entryways of some of our local grocery and retail establishments, “tendency to litter” is another side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, littering is nothing new around here. It is just that now folks have something different to dispose of improperly.

Incredible, isn’t it? Most people find it difficult to understand those who think so little of the planet and the people they share it with.

But for years, the Ohio River Sweep has given volunteers an opportunity to do something about what is carelessly tossed in or near one of our most precious resources. People from six states gather to clean up debris from not just the Ohio River, but some of its tributaries. Last year’s event collected 230 tons of trash along 3,000 miles of shoreline.

This year, the coordinated event is being postponed and will be rescheduled to multiple events throughout the summer and fall.

That doesn’t mean we have to postpone our own efforts to bring awareness to the problem, or clean up the mess. Provided you have the proper equipment — gloves, grabber sticks, trash bags, masks, proper footwear, long pants and sleeves, maybe even brightly colored or reflective outer layers if you are picking up near a road — it is still possible to do a little of the job now. (Do not trespass, and get the proper permissions before doing so, of course.)

It is also possible to make a difference simply by disposing of your trash properly. Recycle what you can, put the rest in its proper place.

That part is not hard. Don’t wait for a big coordinated event to take action.


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