Heroes can be found in all sectors; let’s express our gratitude

As our community has made its way through the difficulties and pain of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been heartened to see such love for many truly essential employees, particularly health care workers and first responders such as law enforcement.

There have been signs posted and free meals offered by local restaurants.

They deserve these things, and much more.

However, we’d like to see the scope broadened a bit on who benefits from our gratitude. There are many more people putting themselves on the line for the rest of us, risking their health to help. They range from grocery store and pharmacy workers to postal workers and utility providers. They’re all still leaving the security of home each day to provide an essential service, one that many times requires them to interact with the public.

We love that our local businesses have stepped up for our health care workers and first responders. Is there something we can do for these other heroes in our community?


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