Local businesses making a difference for seniors

As Mid-Ohio Valley residents talk about the best way to keep our kids fed throughout the summer, it is important to remember another vulnerable population in our midst. Seniors who are said to be the most at-risk from COVID-19 may also be at risk of increased food insecurity because of the precautions being taken.

But, as always, businesses and community organizations are working together to ensure that need is met.

The United Way, Settlers Bank, Joe Momma’s Kitchen and Jeremiah’s Coffee House are working with the O’Neill center on a couple of projects that are making a difference.

One is a project that feeds 130 people with boxes of groceries.

“It’s a good grocery survival kit,” said Laura Miller, corporate secretary for Settlers Bank. Staples provided in the boxes will allow for multiple meals to be made.

Meanwhile, funding from the Marietta Community Foundation’s donors means 100 meals a day each from the two local restaurants can be packed and delivered by the O’Neill Center.

All of this community effort is expected to last until the O’Neill Center is able to open its doors again.

It is fantastic to know our community is filled with those willing to make any adjustments necessary to take care of our must vulnerable residents.

Thank you, folks.


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