Visitation stations let seniors see loved ones

We all now know more than ever how important it is to see the face of our loved ones and to hear their voices, on a screen if necessary, but even better in person.

We’re so happy to see that some of our local nursing home residents have that opportunity again, as at least two local centers have set up plexiglass “visitation stations” that allow residents and visitors to safely interact in person.

Seeing friends and family–in whatever way possible–is an important tool to battle the loneliness and isolation that the pandemic has brought to many of us. It’s likely that no one has felt that more than some of our senior citizens living not at home, but in nursing homes. We hope other care facilities will follow in the footsteps of the Belpre and Beverly sites that have set up these stations. We applaud them for their efforts and for caring so much about the emotional as well as physical well-being of their residents.

Due to increased risk factors, it may still be a long time before seniors can interact with loved ones the way they used to. We hope this helps ease that loss.


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