We can reopen if we do it in a safe way

Gov. Mike DeWine understands the conflict felt by many Ohioans as we work toward reopening our economy while staying safe.

“The economy’s not going to open no matter what we do, whatever we order, unless people have confidence,” he said Sunday. “And we’re trying to give them confidence.”

But as retail businesses are allowed to reopen today — barber shops, hair salons, day spas, nail salons and other services are expected to reopen Friday — and many other businesses are already reopened, the risk is real. The number of deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus in Ohio hit 1,341 Sunday. Officials must be even more vigilant in tracking those numbers, as well as hospitalizations; and not take the foot of the gas when it comes to testing.

And residents cannot let down their guard when it comes to taking precautions such as maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently and wearing masks while out and about.

The coming weeks will be a tense game of wait and see.

“My message to my fellow Ohioans has always been, we can do two things at once, but we can only do them if we’re very, very careful about it,” DeWine said.

Keep being careful, ladies and gentlemen. We can have our cake and eat it, too, if we do this right. If not, this pandemic will pose a challenge for a long time to come.


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