Keeping drugs off our streets an ongoing battle

“Last night was very significant.”

Sheriff Larry Mincks was right in describing one of the largest drug seizures in Washington County’s history, which took place Wednesday.

Seven people were arrested; 4.5 kilos of fentanyl/heroin mix, $40,000 and multiple handguns were found.

“Getting this trash off the streets is a good day for us,” said Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz.

And it is. But the significance lies, too, in the fact that despite all that could have thrown them off track in recent months — a nasty virus; a horrific death that threw the relationship between police forces and their communities into the spotlight; and plenty of other local matters to address — the Washington Morgan Monroe Noble Major Crimes Task Force is still fighting the battle against a plague that never left us. In fact, it has been sinking its teeth deeper into some struggling members of our communities.

Make no mistake, those arrested were not outsiders. They were all Mid-Ohio Valley residents. Each faces 3-11 years in prison, with some looking at extra charges for having those weapons.

This victory is significant. It IS a good day. But the fight continues. While one would hope such a big arrest and seizure of drugs, guns and paraphernalia would put some fear into others tempted to fill the void. It probably will not.

Kudos, then, to those whose work led to this win; but also, good luck as we know they continue to seek many more.


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