Plan ahead for safe county fair

The decision has been made that all three county fairs in Washington County will happen this summer. While we’re happy for all the local youth who spend so much time on projects and get so much out of the fair experience, we hope that the fair boards are working to ensure that every possible safety precaution is taken. We don’t want busy fairs to be the reason we see a spike in COVID-19 cases in our area. Fairs also require many out-of-town individuals to take part, just another reason for precautions.

We know this was a tough decision. The fairs mean so much to so many, but health and safety always have to be prime considerations. We think well ahead of the fairs that the boards should publicize safety protocol so people can determine whether they are comfortable attending. Will masks be required? Will attendance in certain buildings and spaces be limited? What are the cleaning routines?

The decision to move forward has been made but there is much more pandemic planning to do.


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