Check on elderly neighbors, friends

When we have a heat wave, it’s always important to check on those who might be at at risk: the elderly, those without air conditioning, those with health conditions.

The same is true now, as the Mid-Ohio Valley continues its streak of 90-plus degree days. However, we want to remind people that as we check on and help those who may need it, that those people may also be the same ones who are most susceptible to the effects of COVID-19.

Check on this population. Help them as needed, but try to do so in a responsible way that doesn’t endanger them any further. Start with a phone call rather than an in-person visit. If you must be face-to-face try to keep distance between you and make sure you’re both wearing masks, unless a health condition prohibits it.

Heat is an immediate concern and it can be deadly. But we can’t afford to drop our guard against other threats.


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