Drug court a positive for region

Our region’s substance abuse epidemic has not provided much in the way of reasons to celebrate, but this week, we saw at least two.

Tracy Lamp and Glenna Brooker became the first two graduates of the Compass Drug Court after going through the program and being sober for more than a year. That is fantastic news and we congratulate them both.

“If I didn’t have this program, I wouldn’t be here,” said Lamp.

In fact, both women were grateful for the drug court, and Brooker told others who are part of the program and were on hand to witness the graduation, “Hold on. The best is yet to come. You’ve got to get to the other side.”

Truly, Washington County residents should be grateful for the drug court — and the opportunity to get people to “the other side,” too.

Judge Mark Kerenyi, who heads the drug court, called the graduation “one of my best days,” and called seeing in these folks recovering “better than sending people to prison.”

Indeed it is. To all those who work with the drug court program — and to the participants who seek that path to recovery — we say thank you.

May you work and your achievement inspire others to find a way out of addiction, too.


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