Parents must weigh decision carefully

Marietta City Schools parents have some decisions to make in the coming weeks, as the Board of Education has decided on a blended re-entry plan that gives them some options.

“None of this is perfect,” said Superintendent Will Hampton. “It’s the best we can do with what we know and what we have.”

Hampton and board members understood that under current guidance, and with COVID-19 still a very real danger, it would be impossible to simply return to a “normal” school year — with five-days a week, in-person classes. So they decided to let parents decide what is right for them, and for their kids.

That means families can choose between two options for each nine-week period: in the classroom for four of every 10 week days (Fridays will be a planning and preparation day for teachers, and for thorough cleaning of facilities), or fully remote.

Of course all that could change if Washington County sees an increase in virus numbers and the health department deems it unsafe to attend school at all.

But for now, parents must do their research and carefully consider which option will be best for their children’s education and for their family situation. It will not be an easy decision to make, and should not be taken lightly (nor should parents wait until the last minute to think about it.)

Marietta City Schools and the board of education did a good job coming up with a plan they believe will help keep students safe and learning. Parents are a vital part of that plan, and must put in some work, too, to get this right for all our students.


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