Schools are correct to take cautious approach to reopening

At board of education meetings this month, our local school districts have been busy making plans for the upcoming school year. The problem, of course, is that nobody knows yet what we will be experiencing with the pandemic when that time rolls around.

We think the way our administrators and boards are handling it is the right way to go–plan and hope for in-person classes with modifications but be prepared for virtual or blended learning.

Districts have been spending technology dollars on devices for each student, an important first step, and teachers have been busy adjusting plans so that if virtual learning is needed, lessons will still be complete.

The best option is to have students in school. Despite every effort, when it comes to virtual learning we will have students at a disadvantage, whether it is because of technology and broadband issues or because of a lack of support at home. Every student deserves an equal opportunity to receive an education and the best way to achieve that is in school.

However, if that’s just not a safe option, we’re glad educators are taking those steps now to make plans either way. We hope the next step is to let us know what safety precautions we can expect if in-person learning is a go in August.


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