Businesses need to take care of their employees

Small businesses are not always able to invest in their employees the way they would like. There aren’t many Google Campus-esque perks available to Mid-Ohio Valley employees because we aren’t dealing with trillion-dollar companies here.

That’s OK, though. We take care of each other, and most employers do what they can. Certainly the last several months have proved many were more flexible than they thought.

That is why it is important for those running businesses of all sizes to consider how they will help their employees with kids get through the fall semester. Hall Financial, for example, has invested in renovating some of its corporate space and hired a recent graduate in early-childhood education to create a supervised space where tutoring and structure can be provided to the children of employees who need it because of Marietta City Schools’ approach to keeping kids as safe as possible while there is still no vaccine for COVID-19.

“I would ask (other businesses) to find compassion and understand that the better life at home is for your employees — the more happy that my employees are outside of this workplace — the better they’ll be at the workplace,” said Chris Hall of Hall Financial. “It’s not just an investment in them as a person but it’s a real investment in my business. It’s a real challenge for everybody but there is an opportunity to enhance these folks’ lives … they’ll be more productive at work and more focused, they’ll create more output at work instead of constantly being worried about their kid or their childcare provider.”

Again, not every employer has the resources to invest at the level Hall Financial is able. But everyone can make some adjustments that will ease the stress and challenge of navigating this new normal for parents. We’re all in this together. If you can do something to make it easier for someone else, do it.


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