Gift to vets very much needed in tough times

Sometimes those who demonstrate their willingness to sacrifice everything for this country by joining the military find that in the process they have sacrificed some of their ability to find a job — or advance in the workplace — when they leave the service.

For example, Amanda Sutphin, Washington County operator for OhioMeansJobs, told the story of helping a veteran who visited their office in June. He had no certified credentials or degrees. But with help from the organization, was able to get enough financial assistance to improve his average wage by $7 an hour and get a full benefits package, where before he had none.

That is an incredible lift in the quality of life for someone who gave so much. But OhioMeansJobs knows the value in helping our veterans succeed. That is why it nominated American Legion Post 64 in Marietta to receive the $34,157 awarded to it by the Workforce Development Board.

“We’ll make sure it goes to helping veterans. That’s what our mission statement is,” said Roger Kern, Post 64 commander. “We will make sure this money goes to veterans and the veterans’ families that need it.”

Good for those who made this gift happen. We must do all we can to provide the resources and support our veterans deserve to make sure the sacrifice they were willing to make for the rest of us does not harm the quality of the rest of their lives.


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