Kids will model their parents if they adhere to mask rules

Given the resistance some folks still feel toward doing the right thing and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it would be easy for local school districts to worry about pressure from parents on the matter, as children of all ages are to wear masks during in-person school this fall.

That wasn’t the case here, however. In fact, Marietta City Schools Superintendent Will Hampton reacted to Gov. Mike DeWine’s new order with relief.

“That takes it out of my hands and makes it an easy decision to follow his rules,” Hampton said.

Good. In fact, Hampton went further: “Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to expect a kindergartener to wear a mask. Might we need to take a calculated break in the right times and places? Of course. But I think it’s perfectly acceptable.”

Hampton’s example should be followed by all local administrators and teachers. It’s a rule. It’s a rule that makes sense. There’s no reason we can’t adhere to it. Get it done.

But there is an important piece to this puzzle that cannot be filled in by the schools. Parents and guardians MUST begin setting a good example for their kids by wearing the mask themselves AND start helping them learn how to put one on and wear it. Don’t use your kids in a bid to play “politics” right now. Believe us, your refusal to wear a mask or put one on your child says NOTHING about your truly political opinions.

Do the right thing ladies and gentlemen. Help your kids do the right thing. If we get this right, the school year might just begin smoothly after all.


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