Kudos to those who sealed the deal on benefits for unemployed

Good for Ohio officials — Gov. Mike DeWine likely deserves much of the credit — for working out a deal on federal unemployment benefits, announced this week.

After Congress was unable to renew COVID-19-related benefits for those off work due to the pandemic, the president said he would use an executive order to provide $400 a week in aid to the unemployed.

But there was a catch: States would be responsible for one-fourth of the amount. Some states simply cannot afford it.

DeWine’s administration revealed Monday the White House has agreed to provide $300 a week in benefits even if states cannot come up with their $100 shares.

Certainly, state Sen. Kenny Yuko, D-Cleveland, is correct that this must be a short-term bridge to a better long-term solution.

But, “In order to protect families and the economy, we need a plan that gets workers the relief they need as soon as possible,” Yuko said.

Combined with the $118 minimum in benefits under Ohio’s regular unemployment system, that should provide at least $418 per week. Though perhaps not the $600 that would have provided a greater sense of security, it is still an enormous help to many low-income families. Again, good for those who agreed on the deal.


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