Volunteer experience looks great on a resume

For some skill sets, there is no better education than learning on the job. But while local young people navigate this very different academic year, one of their worries might well be the loss of paid job experience that would have fit nicely onto a resume.

Plenty of local organizations have volunteer opportunities that could help them fill that gap.

For example, The Castle museum has changed the way it gives tours, to adhere to social distancing guidelines. That means they have increased cross-training and reliance on volunteers to give tours. That is not the only thing for which they need volunteers, however.

“Whether that’s sewing masks for your museums or working on landscaping and keeping a distance, these are resume builders, too,” said Scott Britton, executive director for The Castle.

Work experience through organizations that rely on volunteers can be an important part of learning how to be a good employee, and productive member of a workplace.

Are you reliable? Do you show up on time? Do you understand how to adhere to health guidelines? Do you respond well to on-the-job training?

“I still get past volunteers from five or six years ago that will then call asking for a letter of recommendation,” Britton said. “Employers look for that, too. This is work experience.”

Indeed, it is. And the best part is it helps some worthwhile local agencies continue their own good work. Look into it, folks. If you have the time and are able, chances are there is a local organization just waiting to put you to work.


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