MOV proves generous

Never underestimate the generosity of Mid-Ohio Valley residents … and never underestimate the competitive spirit of those who served in the military who are trying to outdo each other when it comes to helping others.

Saturday’s food drive in The Marietta Times parking lot was supposed to be a fun way to drum up some donations for the Gospel Mission Food Pantry. It turned in to a mind-blowing display of the kindness and resourcefulness with which our communities are blessed.

Organizers expected perhaps a couple of pickup truck beds full of food to deliver. They wound up with about 7.5 loads. They figured there might be a cash donation or two. They received $2,300. Mouths started to drop open as organizers realized what had been achieved.

“This is so humbling, an answer to prayers,” said Candy Waite of the Gospel Mission. “This may keep us stocked for four or five months.”

If you’ve never experienced hunger, you might not understand what that means.

Because of the willingness of local people to answer the call from military service organizations, some children will have food for the next few months, who might otherwise have gone to bed each of those nights without eating.

“When I was a kid I was hungry every day,” said Bernie Lyons of the Marine Corps Veterans Association, Mid-Ohio Valley Platoon. “I didn’t eat three times a day until I went into the Marine Corps. … Every time someone brought something in, I’d think of some kid who’s going to eat now.”

In addition to several military service organizations, other partners like Jim Vuksic, president and CEO of Farrar Scientific, and Warren’s IGA jumped in to fill a few gaps such as meat products to go along with all those nonperishable donations.

Thank you, to all who gave — and to all who served our nation and continue to serve our communities by spearheading such events. We are grateful, indeed, for all you have done.


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