County needs you

Working in law enforcement is a difficult decision to make in the best of times. Recent events, both locally and on the national scene, have perhaps made it even more difficult for good people to decide they want to protect and serve.

Nevertheless, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is the in the midst of a recruitment push. Positions from safety to transportation are open, and there are jobs available at the jail — booking officers, nurses, control operators … these are not necessarily the jobs most people think of when they think of the sheriff’s department.

Having received a $125,000 federal COPS Hiring Program Grant, the sheriff’s office has some flexibility in being able to bring new people on board at a time when jobs are desperately needed.

“The timing of the grant is impeccable,” said Chief Deputy Mark Warden.

Indeed. But, again, it takes a special kind of person to work in law enforcement. Those who are willing to fairly and selflessly uphold the law and serve their communities — and who are not afraid of a little hard work — should consider the possibility.

Washington County needs you.


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