Johnson serves community

Marietta residents know U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, and his family. Yes, they know he is serving as representative of a large swath of East Ohio, in Washington, D.C. But Washington County residents know Johnson is one of US. He lives here (and treats his trips to Washington as visits, not the other way around). His family is here. He cares deeply about doing his best for this and all communities in our region of Ohio.

He has been taking that resolve to Congress on our behalf since 2011, and now holds seats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Budget Committee; and is co-chairman of the House Natural Gas Caucus and a member of the House Shale Caucus.

Johnson is an Air Force veteran — retiring as a lieutenant colonel, and an innovative entrepreneur who developed two successful information technology companies. He is a modern leader … and the product of a traditional upbringing on his family’s farm. For us, that means he cares about a strong military, the preservation of coal, oil and natural gas jobs in our region, properly funding Social Security and Medicare for our seniors and standing up for traditional values. He knows those values guide him toward fighting for our schools, our veterans and affordable healthcare for everyone — even those with pre-existing conditions.

But he also recognizes how important it is for our region to move forward — and to fight against poorly executed federal efforts to “help” us do so. He stood up when he realized government maps that allegedly showed broadband access in our rural communities were inaccurate. He continues to fight for expanded access to internet in our counties, understanding how important it is to both businesses and our children’s education.

Johnson has never forgotten he serves us, and has been impressive in his dedication to doing so. We endorse him for re-election to his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, on Nov. 3.


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