Make the right choice for our students

Marietta City School District residents — particularly parents of students in those schools — have spent the last 7 months learning the hard way about some of the challenges faced in our schools.

The burden for feeding, sheltering, keeping healthy and safe, and — oh yeah — educating our young people shifted a bit when families found out they would have to put forth at home the Herculean effort that is routinely put forth every day in our schools.

Many found they did not have the resources and equipment that would have best fit the task.

Many had to get creative to get the job done.

How much more challenging must it be to teach and take care of classrooms full of kids under similar (or worse) conditions in our aging buildings?

Marietta residents have a chance to do something about that Nov. 3, when they are asked to approve a Marietta City Schools levy that would repurpose the existing high school into an elementary campus (and close the four neighborhood elementary schools); and build a new secondary school campus for 6-12 grades between Glendale Extension, Washington State Community College and Interstate 77.

Right now, the youngest of the buildings to be replaced is nearly 50 years old.

We have learned all too well in recent months how important it is for students to be educated in the best environment possible.

This project would provide those places.

It will show potential new residents to our area how much we value giving our kids the best opportunities we can.

It will show them we invest in our future.

It is, we know, an investment.

It is not an easy choice to make for Marietta residents — all of whom want to do the right thing for our kids.

But it is an investment we must make, if our kids are to have the resources they need to succeed.

They need us to make the right choice Nov. 3, folks.

Don’t let them down.


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