Scouts can still help with the election

Though the world has been turned upside down for months, there is one thing that remains the same as we approach Tuesday’s general election: Local Scouts will be doing what they can to help.

Scouts BSA Troops 203 and 216 have for the past several years lent a little muscle to the election night effort by helping unload equipment from Washington County poll workers’ cars.

“We have anywhere from 10 to 20 scouts (that help),” said Butch Hawkins, institutional representative for Troop 203. “It used to be about three boys to unload a car. That was before the electronic (voting). It may not take that many now.”

Though Board of Elections Deputy Director Karen Pawloski says the Scouts’ task will be a little different this year, it is no less important. They will be unloading poll books — and absentee ballots.

As valuable as their help will be Tuesday evening, the Scouts are learning something equally valuable. They are finding out they are not too young to be of help, to be engaged in our democratic process; and that when one means of making a difference changes, there is often another way to do so.

Kudos to the Scouts — and those guiding them — for tackling an important job and helping us all feel a little more confident that our future is in good hands.


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