Local law enforcement still helping

So much this year could have thrown into disarray those in our community who are always looking for ways to do good for others. Particularly for those in our law enforcement community, it has been a difficult slog. As first responders, as those dedicating to protecting and serving, and as the local face of some very tough national discussions, 2020 has been a rough one in ways most of the rest of us simply will not understand.

And yet, they have doubled down on being what our communities need. In the case of one annual effort, Washington County law enforcement knew this year called for something special. Through fundraising efforts, they were able to increase their Shop With a Cop program from helping 25 kids to helping 50.

“2020 has been a rough year, so I am glad we are able to help out,” said Sgt. E. Kramer, of the Marietta Police Department.

The message sent to local children was crucial.

“It is really important for kids to get to know us as individuals who are here to help, not just as an enforcer,” Kramer said. “We don’t just show up when things are bad, we want to help our community all the time in many ways.”

That, they do. And so it is not just the holiday of 50 local kids that will be brighter because of their efforts. We all can have a happier holiday knowing law enforcement in Washington County is out there, doing ALL the things they do for the rest of us. Thank you, folks.


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