Barlow makes it happen

Some entrepreneurs in Barlow are taking the bull by the horns and doing something important for their community. The folks behind Nonni’s Little Italian Kitchen, Roseland Coffee Bar and Warrior Nutrition have managed, in the midst of a global pandemic, to open new businesses and set their dreams in motion.

Haldin Tessum is a Barlow native who had gotten used to seeing people from his community start businesses elsewhere.

“I wanted to start something (in Barlow),” he said. So he brought Nonni’s Little Italian Kitchen to the Barlow Fairgrounds.

Referring to the area as a one-time “sleepy four corners,” Tessum knows he and his fellow business owners are doing something to change that. It is a smart move, capitalizing on the new schools bringing more families to the area.

Collin and Craig Yost opened Roseland Coffee Bar on Warrior Drive because they saw a need and filled it. They took that a step further, however, in deciding to “get as much local as possible” when looking for vendors.

And speaking of filling a need, Mindy and Brett Worstell became operators of a chain when they opened their second Herbalife shop — Warrior Nutrition, inside Warrior Fitness. The growth follows the 2018 opening of the Nutrition Fort in Beverly.

These men and women should serve as an inspiration to anyone who has the vision to do something for their communities, IN their communities. Tessum is right. Why take your big ideas somewhere else, when great things are happening right here at home?


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