Get all workers vaccinated

As Ohio eases its restrictions on visits to nursing homes and assisted living facilities, it is essential that those who are reconnecting with loved ones do not throw caution to the wind. The need to follow precautionary guidelines is as strong as it ever was.

Gov. Mike DeWine was correct to maintain rules such as requiring all visitors to have temperatures taken upon arrival, sign a log book for contact tracing purposes, wear masks and wash their hands, and schedule visits in advance. It seems absurd that he would need also to remind facilities to continue following all sanitation practices, but here we are.

Vaccinated residents of those facilities are now able to receive hugs from visitors who are wearing their masks, and can chat with those visitors in their private rooms for at least half an hour. Imagine the difference that will make for those who have struggled with the isolation that was necessary for the past year.

Now, imagine how much more good we could do for those folks if all the employees of these nursing homes and assisted living facilities were also vaccinated. Whatever education effort and guidance is necessary to get the holdouts to change their minds should be poured on right away. Certainly no one can be required to get the shots, but for goodness sake one would think those who have spent their careers caring for our most vulnerable population would understand better than anyone the reasons they SHOULD get them.

Kudos to DeWine and company for making it easier for families and their loved ones to reconnect after such a difficult year. Now let’s get all the workers in those facilities vaccinated so everyone can breathe a little easier.


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