The value in summer workers

How many of us got started in the workforce before we graduated from high school? The percentage is probably pretty high here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, and it is important we give local kids the same opportunities we had to understand what it is like to be part of the workforce before they are thrown into it upon graduation from either high school or college.

A Washington County Job and Family Services program planned for this summer can open that door, provided local employers take advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s an important program to introduce youth ages 14 to 18 into the workforce and help them acquire the skills that they need to improve school performance and help them expand on their career goals,” said workforce supervisor Amanda Sutphin.

But businesses, organizations and agencies will have to agree to be a work site for the program. Surely those who see the value in helping to shape the next generation of our local workforce (and forge ties that will help keep our young people connected to our communities) will be eager to partner with JFS.

“The program’s been a big success of the past so we’re hoping that this summer will be a big success,” Sutphin said.

If employers and students who are ready to get to work can join forces with the help of JFS this summer, the program should be a big success, for all of us.


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