Unruly OSU students should be punished

Nighttime mobs of young people filling the streets, chanting, flipping over cars, generally being unruly and destructive. No, it is not the scene of one of last summer’s violent protests for social justice or a weekend preview to the possibility of violence in the wake of a verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial for the death of George Floyd. It is a bunch of entitled college kids at a party in Columbus.

According to reports, those who gathered at a party near the Ohio State University campus went beyond “wild” to out-of-control and criminal. Some of them loudly chanted “O-H, I-O” while egging on others to flip cars. Two students who were not part of the mob saw what was happening and checked on their parked vehicles, only to discover them trashed.

Senior Lauren Taras told another media outlet she felt at that point as though she and some friends needed to stick with her car to prevent more damage. She also said that, though the “party” began to get out of control at about 10:30 p.m., police did not arrive to clear the street until 3 a.m. At this writing, Columbus police had not yet responded to questions about their handling of the situation. To be fair, it is possible police did not have any patrols in the area and had not received a single call alerting them of what was going on; though that seems unlikely.

Now what? Will there be scanning of security camera footage to find those responsible for the property damage done by this mob? Will the owners of damaged property see any justice?

Will the community be as outraged by these vandals as they were by the vandals about which they screeched last summer?

Sadly, we probably know the answer to that question. Nevertheless, Ohio State officials and Columbus Police should do their best to punish anyone proven to be part of the weekend violence and destruction.


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