Ohio ranks on best state to be police officer list

A few police departments in Ohio have caught the national spotlight over the past year or so for events that have prompted investigations, disciplinary actions and change. Such moves are important if we are to make any progress in improving the way law enforcement officers interact with the communities they serve.

But those headliners may be the exception in the Buckeye State, as a recent WalletHub study suggests Ohio is the 5th best state in the nation to be a law enforcement officer. In fact, in its report 2021’s Best and Worst States to be a Police Officer, the personal finance website reports Ohio is 12th in opportunity and competition; 27th in law enforcement training requirements; 21st in job hazards protection.

Ohio law enforcement officers have the 3rd highest median income growth, too. It is encouraging to see most cities, counties and the state as a whole appear to be working in the right direction in terms of getting law enforcement officers the resources they need to serve and protect properly and safely.

In fact, seeing such numbers places even more importance on ensuring proper action is taken to rid law enforcement agencies of bad actors.

Meanwhile, the report noted an odd low spot for Ohio’s law enforcement officers — the state ranks 49th in terms of percentage of homicide cases solved. Given the other high marks in the report, such a blot should inspire renewed effort on that front.

Public officials should take this report as a reminder to keep working to do better for our law enforcement agencies. This is not a pat on the back to say the work is done. This is a chance to say we’re doing great — let’s keep going.


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