Ohio’s election day has arrived

Today is an election day in Ohio. If it snuck up on you, you are not alone, but in many ways the decisions made on election days like these are significantly more important to the everyday lives of ordinary citizens than the headliner election we went through in November 2020.

Across the Buckeye State, decisions will be made about positions such as county auditors; income tax levies to fund school districts; presidents of city councils; tax levies for, as one district put it, “providing and maintaining ambulance service, emergency medical service, or both;” and other close-to-home issues that affect communities.

No, the 24-hour news networks won’t be staying up all night with widget-filled maps agonizing over every change in the numbers on this one. But in terms of what the results will mean for the people living in our school districts, cities and counties, the interest — and participation –should be just as high.

These smaller elections tend to draw fewer voters, which means even fewer people deciding the fate of the communities in which they live.

Let’s turn that around today, folks. Get out and make your voice heard on issues and races that really have an effect on your life and the lives of those around you, here and now.

Get out and vote.


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