Go get the shot now

Remember how hard Gov. Mike DeWine’s administration pushed to get the number of vaccine doses he believed Ohio needed delivered to the state? Remember his plea that if we could just get the vaccines and get them into arms, the Buckeye State could begin to put this terrible plague behind us.

Well, distributors delivered, and now there is a new problem. Ohio still has millions of unvaccinated residents … and approximately 200,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines are rushing toward their June 23 expiration date.

“For Ohioans who have been waiting to get their vaccine, I urge you to take action now,” DeWine said Monday. “There are many opportunities throughout the state to get a vaccine.”

Across the country, health departments are beginning to understand that those who wanted the vaccine have, for the most part, already received it. Now the challenge is to reach those who have been on the fence — or flat out unwilling to get the shot. In a state of approximately 11.8 million people, only 4.8 million are fully vaccinated.

With restrictions being eased, that means there is still the potential for disaster. And with 200,000 one-shot vaccine doses just lying around, there is still the potential for shameful waste, if people don’t make up their minds to do the right thing.

“Getting vaccinated is the quickest way out of the pandemic and the fastest way for us to return to the lives we remember,” DeWine said.

He’s right. But if you don’t believe him, ask one of the millions of your fellow Ohio residents who have already moved on in the confidence they are fully vaccinated. Most of them will tell you they experienced an enormous sense of relief and freedom. How many more reasons do you need, folks? Go get the shot.


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