Workers always ready to get job done

Consider the year the American worker has endured since last Labor Day. Downsizing and layoffs, continued risk for those whose jobs involve working with the public, childcare worries, evolving requirements and mandates … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for those in medical professions, teachers and first responders.

Very few can say their work has been unchanged, or that their day-to-day did not get at least a little more difficult because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the jobs still get done — sometimes with fewer people, often in a way no one had considered just a couple of years ago, but they get done.

Yes, today’s holiday began as a way for trade unionists to celebrate their own workers, but it quickly became a holiday on which everyone who works to put food on the table and keep this country running can take a break and be celebrated. Certainly it is a day to remember the joy in an honest day’s work, and the value of knowing you’ve earned what you have.

Work may never be the same, even after we emerge from the grip of this pandemic. But workers — those who are dedicated to doing their jobs well, not only for the sake of their own quality of life, but for the quality of life in this country — will always be ready to get the job done.

Happy Labor Day, folks!


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