New tools given to OSHP were needed

Ohio State Highway Patrol officials decided it was time to do something to support troopers AND civilians when they began to investigate the possibility of body camera systems for every state trooper. Beginning this month, OSHP is rolling out cameras that will be connected to in-car systems. It will take until May of next year to get them into every district.

“The Patrol has been using in-car cameras for decades, but as technology continues to advance, body cameras have become an essential tool for policing,” said Gov. Mike DeWine. “By investing in these cameras, we’re not only giving our troopers the tools they need to better protect the public, but we’re also giving the public another reason to have confidence in the professionalism of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.”

The approximately $15 million project will come out of the OSHP’s operating budget over the next five years.

OSHP Superintendent Col. Richard Fambro emphasized the role the cameras will play in increasing transparency.

That is an important step for Ohio law enforcement, and one troopers should welcome. Certainly, it will improve communities’ trust in those whose public image has endured a rough couple of years.

Kudos to those in Columbus who made possible this new tool for those who protect and serve.


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