Grateful to the Ohio National Guard

When Gov. Mike DeWine ordered 1,250 members of the Ohio National Guard mobilized to help hospitals across the state, most of us were just beginning to understand the renewed strain on our hospitals and healthcare workers caused by variants of COVID-19.

It appears as though the deployment is making a difference. In Guernsey County, five guard members are stationed at Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center in Cambridge, serving as support staff.

“We appreciate the efforts of Gov. DeWine to deploy Ohio National Guard members across Ohio to assist hospitals including Southeastern Med,” said Wendy Elliott, Guernsey Health System president and CEO, according to a report by The Daily Jeffersonian.

In acknowledging her staff has been feeling the strain of the present surge, Elliott said “The support of the Ohio National Guard will provide a welcome relief and we’re very grateful to accept this resource.”

According to the The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge-Guernsey County Health Department at one point last week reported 8,493 COVID-19 cases in the county including 623 hospitalizations and 111 deaths. On the same day, Noble County reported 2,635 coronavirus cases with an additional 164 hospitalizations, and 51 deaths.

Many of those patients were at Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center.

If you are grateful to the National Guard for doing its part to help the staff there, remember they are doing it all over the state. The need is every where, and they are making a difference because they are willing to take on whatever fight awaits them when it comes to protecting the rest of us.

We owe them, and the healthcare workers with whom they are fighting, an enormous debt of gratitude.

What a shame so many of us continue to avoid doing what we can to take the burden off them, our healthcare workers, our schools … all of us.


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