Local hiring rules a must for working Ohioans

As someone who values the work of craftsmen in our communities, I am very concerned with the direction GOP lawmakers are taking our state. Senate Bill 152 aims to restrict or ban local hiring and project labor agreements. These actions will chip away at working people’s ability to earn an honest wage, in the end jeopardizing Ohio jobs and destabilizing local economies. The GOP lawmakers behind this assault on working Ohioans clearly do not care about the financial health of our towns and cities.

It is necessary for local hiring to continue, this keeps the jobs and wages right here in our area where they belong. Coming together to complete public works on time and on budget can revitalize our communities. Private companies know the benefits of project labor agreements (PLAs) and Republicans say we should run government like a business, but restricting these options does just the opposite. In the end, this type of hypocrisy severely hurts craftsmen: electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, those who have spent decades honing their skills.

Strengthening the local workforce and the job market here in Ohio should be one of the top priorities for any lawmaker. Yet we have repeatedly seen conservative attacks against the middle class and hard-working Ohioans. It is time to say “enough is enough,” Senate Bill 152 is just plain wrong, and certainly wrong for Ohio. We must oppose this bill to protect the hard-working Ohioans who build, and continue to build, the infrastructure of our great state.

Ohioans deserve a fair shot at good-paying local jobs that can provide economic stability for them and their families. Politicians in Columbus should not be picking winners and losers when it comes to our local infrastructure upgrades. Local communities like Marietta deserve the freedom to make decisions that will put people back to work and stabilize our local economy.

Ginny Favede, of St. Clairsville

Candidate for 95th District

Ohio House of Representatives