Kerenyi is the best choice for county judge

I read with dismay Friday’s (Oct. 7) Marietta Times article on the judge candidates where it said that Judicial Candidate Shoshanna Brooker has “… two drunk driving convictions and a ban placed in 2014 prohibiting her from being appointed in any proceedings before the court or serving as an attorney from lack of filing delinquent pleadings on time.” I did a little more digging myself into the court orders and I discovered that the Washington County Probate Court removed her from six different guardianships cases for neglecting her duties as guardian. The court record indicates that the neglect had been going on in 2013 and 2014. I further learned these weren’t just case files but real people. Due to Attorney Brooker’s neglect one ward was in danger of having her utilities turned off, another didn’t get his social security benefits for an entire year and a third was in danger of losing his benefits from the Federal Black Lung Fund.

That same Marietta Times article also quoted Brooker as saying “I’m really proud of the work I’ve done with senior citizens and the disabled when it comes to guardianships as well.” I also received a flier in the mail from Brooker that states that she has “A Proven Record of Protecting Washington County’s Seniors!” How can she in good faith make these statements when a judge had to remove her from six cases in order to protect our senior citizens and disabled people that she was entrusted to protect?

As for the two OVIs that Attorney Brooker acknowledged in the same newspaper article, I can maybe understand poor judgment one time with the first offense of driving drunk. But to get caught and convicted a second time shows a complete lack of caring about our community. Drunk driving shows incredibly bad judgment and puts all of us at risk. Shouldn’t we expect those who seek to judge us to have good moral character developed over a lifetime? Shouldn’t a judge be held to a higher standard?

Election Day is right around the corner and everyone needs to be educated on the candidates running. Although I am a democrat I will vote for the candidate that I feel is best for our community, which is why I am voting for Mark Kerenyi for judge.

Earnest Hoschar