Local schools, teachers are doing a good job

The last round of testing results in the Times can only described by Yogi Berra’s quote, “It is deja vu all over again!”

If anyone believes that our schools in Washington County are failing, they aren’t paying attention.

I have worked in every school district in Washington County during and after my retirement. We have fabulous schools in our area. Just recently in 2015, I facilitated a math program in Marietta City Schools and Frontier Local Schools and I can assure you that there is excellent teaching and learning .

Why then a failing grade? I have seen and heard this before when a new testing program is implemented.

Let the students score very low, and when they make the improvements in the following years , the Ohio Department of Education will say, “Look how good they look!”

To heck with the teachers, principals, advisors, and superintendents . I have observed the time, the preparation, the energy, and the emotion these people put into preparing their students . When the test does not reflect the content that is to be tested, it is no wonder that the scores will be low.

Nothing can be more discouraging than working hours and hours , and then fail. Not failing because someone didn’t do their job, failing because the test does not reflect the material that was required to be taught.

I respect the job our local school districts are doing for their students.

Remember this is not the first time this has happened. Get ready for next year, when the testing results miraculously go up. The Ohio Department of Education will give themselves a big pat on the back and say, “Look what a good job we have done!” These tests and their cutoff scores can be changed to suit the testing situation. ODE has done this for years, and will continue to do so.

Bob Forbes, retired teacher/principal and current substitute teacher