On Election Day, vote for Ginny Favede

Seems like we only see or hear from Andy Thompson when it is election time and he tells us how much he would be doing for us if only ˘you fill in the blank. Thompson talks about looking out for our interests yet votes for tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. Thompson watches severance tax money flow to Columbus yet doesn’t work for it to return nor for it to stay here. Thompson talks about restoring local control for schools yet he advocates for our tax dollars to go to for-profit and online charter schools that don’t have to account for the tax money they receive.

I am a small business owner and I see nothing that Andy Thompson has done to create a positive job environment nor to reduce the burdensome regulations he talks about. He is part of a majority party in the state house and yet southeast Ohio gets so little attention from Columbus. It is curious that Rep. Thompson is one of the most senior members of the state house and still does not chair any important committees in Columbus. We deserve better than this from our representative and we deserve better from Columbus.

Ginny Favede is the right choice for state representative in our 95th district. She has received national recognition for her record of economic success in leading Belmont County as a commissioner for the past eight years. She has worked with both parties to create business opportunities and good paying jobs. Commissioner Favede has played an integral part in negotiating for the multibillion dollar ethane cracker plant to be built in Belmont County.

We need someone who will work with us and for us in Columbus. We need people like Ginny Favede fighting for us. Let’s regain the respect we rightfully deserve in eastern Ohio by electing Ginny Favede as our state representative.

Dave Devey