Support David White for county commissioner

I am writing to urge voters to support current county commissioner, David White, in his run for re-election. White has done excellent work on a number of issues but I especially appreciate his effort with regard to the Devola sewer project. Every step along the way, both as a Marietta City councilman in 2011, and as a Washington County Commissioner since 2012, White has kept his word and represented the interests of local homeowners.

Since the Ohio EPA got involved with the project in 2012, White has sought to mitigate the expense to the individual homeowners in these area and he intends to continue this strategy should the EPA mandate an expansion of the sewer project. A several thousand dollar mandate can be devastating to any private household and White understands this. As such, he intends to “slow walk” any forced implementation so that the county has time to secure grants that can be used to help pay for the project.

White is in a difficult position, having to respond to mandates from the state while seeking to represent the economic interest of the people of Washington County. I am confident White understands this issue thoroughly, and that he’s the best man to represent local homeowners against what can be burdensome regulations from Columbus.

In closing, I would like to point out how blessed we are in Washington County to have David White and Ron Feathers to represent us at the county level. They have both demonstrated that they have courage, conviction, principal, and moral standards. It is refreshing to see, as it has become so rare and hard to find in politics and in our elected officials today, at every level.

Let’s keep David White fighting for us. Vote David White county commissioner.

Robert J. Chamberlain