Sarah Grace keeps her promises, commitments

I’ve recently been made aware of claims that Sarah Grace is a questionable landlord who isn’t concerned with the health, safety, or welfare of her tenants. I have been a tenant of Grace Rentals for six years across four houses and five different roommates. At no point in my years of renting from Sarah Grace have I ever had any complaints. The houses are affordable, comfortable, and problems are addressed in a timely manner. Grace will often update parts of the house at no cost to her tenants, and, from my perspective, tries hard to make the living situation of her renters as nice as possible while also keeping rent down. Any issue between landlord and tenant is up to them to solve, and I have never been disappointed by that relationship. I personally find these claims tasteless, inaccurate, and disappointing. I’ve always hoped that political candidates could rely upon the strength of their policies and promises, showing their commitment to their communities and a willingness to listen. I believe Sarah Grace does exactly that; keep her promises, listen, and demonstrate a commitment to her community, even if it’s one as small, as transitory, and as quiet as her tenants.

Nicholas Polsinelli