Voters have told Warren BOE ‘no’ again and again

Once again voting time is near and once again the Warren Board of Education is trying to get their levy passed.

The voters have told the Warren BOE over and over and over again — no, but it is apparent the Warren BOE has no regard for the voters or the voting process. By continuing to place the levy on the ballot time and time again shows the BOE is trying to dictate to voters what is the best use of voters’ money.

The Warren BOE must realize that this area is financially poor. Many are on fixed income. Many families are living paycheck to paycheck. I am sure the BOE is aware of these facts, “but” continue to push their wasteful and irresponsible agenda; and to slap us in the face, they are using voters’ money to try and pass their levy.

We all must make do with the funds we have — families, individuals, businesses and “yes” the Warren BOE — they all must operate with the funds they have.

This is a simple answer to why the levy has not passed in past years — the people simply do not have the money. That is something the Warren BOE does not care about.

So now is the time to stand together, united — and once again, say “no.”

William Sarkiewicz