Ask your senator to vote no on health bill

Did you see the video from the Whitehouse telling us about T—- Care? All it does is blast The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare”.

Do people realize that 12 or 13 US Senators have been meeting secretly to come up with a health care bill. Mind you no other senators in either party have seen the bill.

Mitch McConnel wants to present it next week and give the senators a day to read it and then vote before July 4, 2017. 443,300 of his constituents in Kentucky will be hurt as will 184,000 residents of West Virginia, 682,900 in Ohio, and almost 15 million in the other 29 states where the expansion of Medicaid was enacted under the ACA.

If this is anything like the House version, it is nothing but a tax cut for the wealthy and elimination of health care for millions.

I would urge everyone in West Virginia to call Senator Shelley Moore Capito at her Washington, DC office at 202-224-6472 and ask her not to support this bill. If you can’t get through try the West Virginia offices: Charleston – 304-347-5372; Martinsburg – 304-262-9285; Morgantown – 394-292-2610; and Beckley – 394-347-5372.

Hopefully the people in Ohio will be calling Senator Rob Portman (202-224-3353) and asking not to support the bill.

Margaret Meeker



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